Kovčki so pripravljeni za BMW R26,R27, R50, R50/2, R60, R60/2, R69, R69S

Pozdravljeni, BMW navdušenci!

Končali smo izboljšano verzijo kovčkov, ki so pripravljeni za: R26 R27 R50 R50S R60 R60/2 R68 R69 R69S
Set tehta le 6 kg, vsak ima prostornino cca 20l.
Lep pozdrav, ekipa Oldtimers

Posebno darilo za vse uporabnike foruma 

Prilagodi 0 +/- 3% prilagodi 0 +/- 3%
A odreži cca 0-3mm
B odreži cca 0-3mm
Prilagodi zgornji nosilec z pritrdilnimi točkami na okvirju.
Prilagodi spodnji nosilec tako, da je podprt z izpuhom- pritrdilna točka mora biti vodoravno.
M6 navoj za pritrditev kovčkov vijakM6
vijakM8 Inox držalo
vijak M8

• Najprej namestite zgornji in spodnji nosilec
• Zaščitite kovčke s trakom, kot kaže slika 1
• Vstavite 5mm vmesnik med spodnji nosilec in kovček, ter pritrdite z dolgim vijakom
• Označite pozicije čepov iz zgornjega nosilca kot je prikazano na sliki 2- iz druge strani


Does the club ever do group buys? Maybe a way to save some $$ if 5 or 10 people want in.According to the price list, at today's USD/EUR rates, which are currently very favorable:

Bags Mounts
qty 1 699 EUR = $812 $128
qty5 599 EUR = $696 $104
qty 10 520 EUR = $604 $ 81
Shipping will add to the cost, of course.

I did email and received an email back. According to the IP address they would come from Ljubljana, Slovenia - so perhaps you are right - a phone call might help.

if you need some information, contact us
we sold some bags in europa,
delivery to australia or usa is cca 70 € (depend of location +/- 10 €)
option for pay is paypal or direct bank transaction to our company
bags is in stock
is very nice, and people who buy it ,is very happy
here is some message of buyers

Hello ! Good evening !
One a half hour ago the spedition was at my home.....
Now ..i am happy.... the lorry driver is happy (because of the "Tip") and you in few days...when you will receive the money...
So i wish you " Merry Christmas and a happy New Year...! !!!
Kind regards H.W.
Package has arrived. My uncle is very happy. if they have new offers send me this .
Thank you very very much .

many greetings and Merry Christmas S.K.
hello, I received the saddlebags enduro yesterday.
I am very happy.
saddlebags enduro are very nice quality.
thank you very much
yes our location is in Slovenia, near beautiful lake Bled
best regards,Oldtimer TEAM

we completed beautiful bmw r50 with solo seats and saddle bags
bags look great
here is some new pictures
fotos from a friend Klemek
best regards,oldtimers Team



Are the lights on the bags running lights or directional/brake lights?
I'd be interested in seeing some pictures of the bike from the front as well. I see what looks like some nice auxiliary lighting attached to the engine guards.

the lights is possible run : stop or position-park or both ..depend of electric montage
we produced special 6v LED sulfite stop/position-park (after 4 weeks)
here is front pictures of baggs
best regards Oldtimers TEAM

i make myself LED for our BMW Saddle Bags
look photos
you can buy LED festoon , must be
6 for 6 volt bikes instalation


12 volts for 12 volt instalation
for stop light you can install directly
for park light you must put resistor ..like pictures
try resistor 100 - 400 ohms cca 1/2 w


BMW R26 - R27 saddle bags

hi, BMW lovers
we have inproved version of bags for BMW R26 - R27
for USA is delivery price by standard post cca 130 € , delivery time is cca 5-8 days
option pay by paypal

best regards
ps..for all buyers and users we have new user manuals , look in our website



BMW R26 - R27 holders for saddle bags

here is pictures of holders for BMW R26 - R27
booth holders its little different about BMW R50 - R69S and holders for BMW R26 - R27
best regards,Mec


Saddle bags for sidecar BMW R26 – R27

here is attached image , i hope it will help you
the R26 – R27 have a different rear down holders - Left side and right side
and we must prepare bags for sidecar


Saddle bags for sidecar BMW R50 ,R50/2 ,R60 , R60/2 , R69 , R69S

now we work prototyp of new version for sidecar too
in cca 4 weeks will be finished
best regards, oldtimers TEAM ,Mec


we finished (thanks all buyers for support) saddle bags for sidecar - gespann - seitenwagen ...
it's enough place for right side legs
bags is easy to instalation
new method of productions for new version bags
no more problems with stones
always we have something new for YOU - oldtimers enthusiast
best regards.mec

we must prepare bags for sidecar



Saddle Bags for BMW ... how many liters ????
simple, practical and fast way
we need only
-pvc bag
-empty bucket
- cca 2 min time
our oldtimers bags (ready for BMW) is cca 20 L


We sold worlwide and our customer is happy



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