BAGS/Saddlebags SET ready for BMW R18

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Hello motorcycle enthusiasts,

today i am going to introduce you to my vision of saddlebags and saddlebags brackets mount

first we make some idea drawing ,protect the motorcycle, install reflective dots for 3D scanning, then we scanning motorcycle with 3D scanner, made some paperboard and metal prototype holders, make SOLID drawing on reverse engineering program..

r18 bags galery 1

..then the production of a metal prototype of saddlebags brackets mount follows ,

-determining the position of the suitcase on the carrier

r18 bags galery 2

hi, we have made a Saddle bag Holder ready for BMW R18, easy and quick installation,
universal for all types of Saddlebags - Suitcase - Leather bag ...,
very easy removal of the Suitcase which is attached to the carrying plate.
The mounting plate to which the Saddle bags - suitcase is attached is easily removed ,
unscrewed lock screw and remove from two pins from the bracket which is mounted on the BMW R18 motorcycle..

r18 bags galery 3

we are already making Saddle bags for motorcycles Vintage-Oldtimer ..BMW R26 - BMW R69S and we are starting to assemble Saddle bags - something similar for the BMW R18

we started with draft drawing, motorcycle scanning, data processing, CNC tool making and the first prototypes of Saddle bags are here

r18 bags galery 4

..and finally new Saddle bags on the BMW R18 Motorcycle

r18 bags galery 5

we will also make from imitation leader on the surface

r18 bags galery 6

R18 bags cam cad Small




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