Dear Oldtimers,

I would like to thank you for the Navigator central locking, it works perfectly! My bmw motorrad dealer did the instalation.
Today my dealer called me because the have a client who is interested to buy the same module for his RT.

I wish you a pleasent weekend.

Kind regards, M 6/2018

Hi ,

I’ll give the order to our accountant for the payment. (the 3th set is also just sold so we will propably make a new order in a couple of weeks) At the moment, every R 1200 RT with central locking which we have sold has had the upgrade of your system and I think we will sell it even a lot more in the future I must say that I had my doubts about the “easy” installation but it was indeed as advertised.

I think we can make each other happy in the future.

Regards,SG 6/2018



I Got the pakket today -Navi central lock system. R 1200 RT

I looks really nice

Thanks for the deal, i will put a note about your product in the danish BMW club

Venlig hilsen

HHN 3/2018

Hello ,

I just received the package.

Very nice stuff!

And thanks for the pen!!

Met vriendelijke groeten

PM 3/2018


I saw your fantastic system for Navi locking . I want to buy it .

How much does it cost? Can you send me the complete kit with y cable?

Is it really easy to mount? Give me information please . The season is starting.

Many compliments for the splendid work!

MP 3/2018


Der Einbau – BMW R1200RT 2014+ NAVI CENTRAL LOCK SYSTEM war einfach, dank ihrer Anleitung. Das schwierigste am ganzen war das verlöteten der Kabel.

Hier noch ein paar Bilder.



MD 2017


Received today the unit for My r1200rt

And are now installing it, the pin moves but not enough to unlock, I can cut the pin - but is there S a better way?


P.S. 2017


Pin , sometimes must little cut , is different BMW plastic

You must lock and mark position, and uninstal set and cut and little sand

Material is stainless free and no rust

Pin must sometimes little adjust

Regards,Oldtimers TEAM


Sunday, I worked on the installation of the Navigator locking system on my Motorbike. I was a little bit longer than your time but at lease on one hour it’s done.

The system is very efficient and simple. It makes the job. What was funny was that I bought months ago the same locker on EBay but wasn’t able to fit it like you (picture 6 ). Good job.

Please find some pictures as agreed.

AF 2017


I have seen on YouTube your nav locking system for the BMW r1200rt. It’s fantastic! I would like to order one. I have a PayPal account I can pay you through. Please let me know what the process is!

My address (for postage calculation):

AR 2017


A. thanks
We ship tomorow
Delivery to USA is 5-8 days by standard post
Send some foto when install :)
Regards,Oldtimers TEAM


Sounds good! I can't believe that on a 25000$ bike everything locks but the 1000$ GPS (I just bought my 1200rt). Anyway I really like you product, I will show it to my dealer. I am sure there would be other RT owner willing to pay for this upgrade!

AR 2017


The bags arrived a couple of days ago and I received them today, having been away over the long holiday weekend ( 4th July ).

They are magnificent ! Thank you so much. I will, of course send you photos of when they are installed

and recommend you to all who might be in the market for this kind of saddlebag.

Again, thank you so much. I really love them.

Best regards,

RA 2017


The bull bars arrived today, very quick!!

They look extremely high quality and were very well packaged.

Thank you so much.

As soon as I get round to fitting them I will send you some good quality pictures :-)

Best wishes,

D. 2017

Dear ,

I bought a set of the fabulous Enduro type saddlebags from you some time ago. I have always liked this particular saddlebag and even though I don't possess a BMW any more I have always thought they would suit many of the bikes that I've owned through the years. To that end I purchased these particular bags to fit to my 2016 Indian Dark Horse and thought you might like to see the end product. I think they compliment the rear fender shape and to make a more comprehensive job I manufactured a backing plate to which I could secure a filler panel to close the opening for the BMW shocks. Anyway, I hope you like what you see and I send best regards from New York.

R. 2017

HI, just got my computer back up and running from our storms here in Florida. Very nice item, workmanship is outstanding! I will definitely spread the word on your product. How much do I owe you?

NB 2017

The bags on the BMW R 27 looks very well. In a few month I take the motorcycle out of the hanger an then ich will send you some pictures.

AR 2016

HI ,

Attached is a photo of my R60 that we rode on the Motorcyclecannonball got may compliments on the bags.

GA 2016


At the end of October 2016 I ordered a set of Enduro bags for my R69S. The bags have arrived very fast, only some 3 days after you have shipped.

They arrived without damage and everything was complete. Thank you very much for these beautiful bags.

And of course, thank you for the additional present, for the R69S exhaust nut key.


R B 2016


Bags they have arrived. Thank you.


WP 2016

Hi ,I fitted the set today. Very happy with the overall kit

Regards,LY 2016


i saw your saddlebags on the Veterama in Mannheim and they look very good. Thanks for your attention!

MK 2016


It is great doing business with you.

Best regards. AS 2015

Hallo Oldtimer Team,

Thank you very much, the parcel arrived!

Looks Great, Thank you.

Attached some pictures as promissed.

Best regards HL 2015


der Sitz ist angekommen. Und er gefällt uns.

Danke für den schnellen versand.

Wir freuen uns wieder bei Ihnen einzukaufen.

Gruß SE 2014

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